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In today’s global manufacturing environment, quality, technical support and
delivery are a given.  The only element left to improve on is value!

Your needs are unique, and should be given the expert
individual attention they deserve.

STATZ Corporation will work with you to help define your unique needs.  We then strive to evolve manufacturing solutions specifically for you.  Yes, we have extensive experience to draw on, based on what we have done for other people, but we strive to supply you what you need.

Our highly qualified manufacturing sources stand ready to serve the technology part of the equation with an array of manufacturing processes and services – they will deliver quality, on time, specific to your needs!

Sometimes, however, the solution to the value/price issue is not in technology, but in the business side of manufacturing.  The term “Partnering” has been used loosely for a number of years.  When seriously considered, it can be the solution to better prices.

We at STATZ Corporation encourage long term relationships and large contracts that form the foundation of supplier/buyer effectiveness.  Please give us an opportunity to discuss lower prices through business partnering opportunities with you. 

Member: MANA Manufacturers' Agents National Association